This is August: The Project Month

Since the school year is done, I have some free time. To use it how it shuld be used I compiled this little "project book" on what I will try to do the following 31 days. Here is my complete list:

Ubuntu on MacBook Air - The easy way

This process is if you want single boot only. There are a lot of tutorials on dualboot out there.

The wrong kind of attitude

I'm my short time I call my self a student I came across different people that share almost the same trait when it comes to development or studying. They, including me!, will often say that we are "too dense", "not smart enough", or "just don't get it" to the tasks that we predefined as dull, not offering a personal gain, or just plain not being needed. It is common knowledge that this slows you down quite a bit, and I am not here to talk about why this happens - but how to combat this.

What is VMMNG

I am happy to announce my new "tool" - vmmng. If you are like me you do not work on a Windows machine and you are "forced" to use ESXi. Turning VM's on and off at will can, and will, get a bit tedious. Using that pesky Windows VM to administrate the ESXi server by just turning off and on machines is a little bit stupid. View the project on GitHub.

Latex in 10 minutes

I was frustrated with complicated tutorials and bunch of text needed to learn LaTeX. Once I figured out everything I need for the beginning I wanted to make this short tutorial. I won't go into installing LaTeX, but all you are ever going to use is pdflatex. To build a document you do pdflatex file.tex and you have a PDF ready. You can take a look at my repo here to see this in use.

2u ESXi 5.1 AMD whitebox server

As a software engineer I don't have any real connections to the "hardware" world in my studies. But I saw an opportunity to get some hand on knowledge in server/client visualization. I choose VMware because I have some experience in their end user software. This is the hardware that I will buy:

Referendum about gay rights in Croatia

Posted on my old site - 28 Oct 2013. Original title: Why is a referendum about gay rights a bad idea? And, why is any kind of referendum about human rights truly a disaster waiting to happen?

Creating new keyboard layouts

Need for this came with the need for a new school laptop. In November this year I am traveling to Z├╝rich, Switzerland and I will be buying my girlfriend an myself a new MacBook Airs for school. Now we all know that "third" world countries like Croatia tend to price up all products known to people so we decided to save up some money for future use and buy our laptops there. Even with an airplane ticket, room for two you still save up quite a lot!

Hubot on Campfire with Heroku

Setting up Hubot should be a piece of cake, but sometimes it can be time consuming. But after spending my day in trial and error I finally did it without much problems after all. First things first, this is what you will need in advance:

Google trends screen saver Mac

Surfing Reddit I found a nice little animation of popular search terms on Google. Looking at it how pretty it was I wanted it as a screensaver. There is a tutorial on how to do this on Windows too, just Google for it.