Hi, I'm Andrei.

I'm a junior JS developer.

vmmng - Manage your ESXi VM's

This was as simple weekend project playing around with ESXi command line utilities and Node.JS as a language for CLI applications. The main idea was to provide a simple and easy to use tool so you can keep away from proprietary solutions.

License as a service

Since I love using git I'm always on a look out for tools that make me faster and more efficient. One of those tools is gitignore.io. I wanted something as simple as that but for LICENSES. This is a Node.JS application, now used for backend. In the future I plan on adding a way to populate the license information in the downloaded file.


This is a simple timer for making AeroPress coffee that I love! I always wanted to try iOS development, and with comming of Swift I was able to do it also as a weekend (that became a month) project. It's not on the App store yet but soon! :)

Screenshots soon!